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How to buy quality furniture

Have you buying and selling furniture? Many of us who of course had never done anything like this. Choosing a quality furniture is one thing you should do when trying to buy a furniture for your new home or to change your home furniture that is old and rotten inedible era. There are many types of furniture that you can choose in the shops of furniture or the like, starting from the coffee table, a dining table, a chair, sofa chairs, cabinets, beds and much more. All of these types of furniture can be found at the nearest furniture store. Do not forget to choose the best material quality of the furniture you buy.

Second Hand Furniture

Is the second-hand market or the more often we refer to as a flea market where you can purchase a used furniture that is still feasible to use and with a cheap price tag. Although the furniture sold in a place like this is a second-hand furniture, but you should not underestimate the quality and strength because it is still pretty good and worthy to use back. If you have a mediocre budget to buy furniture, then you can choose this place as a great place to meet the needs of low furniture for your home. It should be noted also when choosing the type of furniture in this place so that you are not fooled later.

Buying and selling second-hand furniture now also has not taboo anymore, even in some areas such as the former furniture is provided a place to sell or buy also like a market. When you choose to meet the needs of your furniture in place, then you should consider carefully the secondhand furniture that you buy, check the quality of materials such as wood used for making up the price you pay must be in accordance with the quality you will get. If you want to have a classic or ethnic style furniture, then you can choose this place for hunting furniture you need it.

Quality Teak Furniture

In place of the sale and purchase of furniture such as furniture stores, or even though the furniture market, furniture product made from teak wood remains one of the excellent are much sought after by consumers who wish to have a furniture at low prices. If you want to have the best quality of furniture you have, try to switch to using furniture made of teak wood with high quality. Not only the quality is just excellent, teak also has been known as one type of wood that has wonderful fiber that can further enhance the look of your home room.

Finding a place in which there is a process of buying and selling furniture would be an obstacle for those of you who still lay in the world of furniture. Selection of teak wood for the furniture that you will use as chairs, cupboards and so on can give you satisfaction and also a furniture or furniture that has a high quality. Do not forget to always choose teak which is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of this furniture are quite old age because teak older then the quality and strength will be the better. It draws from teak furniture is that you can now get it at an affordable price

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Jepara furniture

Jepara furniture is one of the furniture products that can be said to have the best quality in Indonesia, especially in terms of engraving. It can be seen from the model and the motif that is a product of Jepara furniture which is usually much more complicated than the carving of other areas. Furthermore, you need to know, in the market itself, Jepara furniture product consists of various types such as tables, chairs, cabinets, beds etc, of course with a variety of interesting carvings. For marketing was not only limited in the country, but also able to spread to some of the furniture market in Asia and Europe. By being able encroachment Jepara furniture products to some of the world furniture market, as citizens of Indonesia of course we should be proud. Well, pride and love of Jepara furniture products can we achieve one using this furniture products as 'decorator' in our homes. So, have you used this product in your home?.

Furniture Sales Prospects Jepara

Today, the prospect of Jepara furniture product sales can be fairly promising. It can be seen from the high demand, both Indonesia and the world for these products which is increasing every year. Engraving containing a high artistic value on a product Jepara furniture is certainly one of the reasons for people to choose furniture from Jepara city is among the furniture of other areas. Maybe for some people, the motif that existed at a furniture is not really a big concern and problems. However, it would be another story for an art lover. For art lovers, there is a carving of Jepara furniture products can certainly be 'felt' has a philosophy of high value and reassurance to the viewer. And in the end, regardless of the differences related to the value of the existing art in carvings in Jepara furniture, view of the public interest, certainly the prospect of these products will remain bright in the coming years.

Where We Can Buy Products Furniture Jepara

Where we can buy furniture Jepara?. Maybe it was one question on the minds of most people in Indonesia. What we have to go to the city of Jepara to buy this product?. Of course not. This is because the Jepara furniture products can be found easily in various furniture stores in Indonesia. However, if you would prefer to buy these products through the nearest furniture shop in your area, you must ensure that you select the furniture store is an authorized reseller of Jepara furniture products. However, if you doubt the authenticity of the town of Jepara furniture products offered by furniture stores in your area, you can buy this product from Jepara furniture through several online sites such as and And in the end, regardless of online or offline purchase process which would you choose for furniture products from this Carving city, of course everything back to you as a consumer

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Who does not know the name of the legendary wood of this quality? Teak comes from the oak which has a large size, which can grow to a height of 30-40 meters. Teak is a type of tree that has leaves that are wide and have a characteristic, with leaves that fall when it dries. Teak tree itself is a type of tree that grows in the tropical rain forest with a temperature between 27-37 degrees.


Scientific classification of teak trees

Kingdom: Plantae

Division  : Magnoliophyta

Class      : Magnoliopsida

Order    : lamiales

Genus    : Tectona

Species  : Tectona Grandis

This tree is also one type of tree whose growth rate is slow and low, so it takes a long time to wait until the teak tree can be utilized wood. This tree is one of the plants that produce wood with outstanding quality and already famous around the world. Lots of items are made of teak wood has a very long durability.


Here are the characteristics and the main properties of teak wood:

Has the strength and durability are excellent

Light brown to dark brown

Easily cut - cut and easily processed into many products

not easily deformed due to weather changes.

Weighs heavy and sturdy

Types of teak

By their very nature are strong, tough, durable and not easily change shape, then teak mostly used as raw material, the following:

1. Ships - Since the Dutch colonial era, teak has been used as the manufacture of ships, and also before it was dimanfaaatkan as materials for fishing boats.

2. Houses - House in antiquity and some houses in rural areas still rely on teak wood as the basic material of manufacture, rather than using cement and bricks. Currently the manufacture tumah with teak wood commonly encountered in mountainous areas, as well as villas and rest houses in place of the general tourist places.

3. Furniture and furniture - Nature teak easy cut and processed, making teak wood is often used as a raw material for making furniture and ornate furniture. It is like sandalwood many benefits made for furniture.

Examples of furniture and wood furniture made of teak wood:

Dining table



Frames and doors and windows


4. Garnish House of Wood

Benefits of teak wood is often used as materials for carving and decoration as well as an attractive home decoration, with teak distinctive colors and durable. Here are some types of carvings and ornaments home decoration made of teak wood base material:

Wall carvings

Picture frames

Engraving on frames and doors

Making the display pajangan-

5. Gazebo

Gazebo is a kind of a small hall which is usually located at the park, and can be useful as a place to gather and relax. Benefits teak, can make this park houses with strong, even waterproof.

6. Decorative outdoor

In addition to being the gazebo, there's more other outdoor decorations are made using teak wood as basic materials. This is caused by the quality of teak which are not easily changed even if constantly exposed to rain or heat. Outdoor decorations are made of teak wood, among others:

Park bench


Pole garage

7. Being parquet floor covering or lining - One function of teak as a decoration is to be used as parquet. Parquet is a type of wood layer that covers the floor. Thus, the floor of the house no longer use or ceramic tile. This of course will add to the aesthetic value of the decoration of a room.

8. Pillar for houses, and others.

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Indoor furniture

The indoor furniture is needed by every person, every new couples will require indoor furniture to fill the house to be occupied. there are some tips to choose furniture that fits your family's needs. to choose the furniture we need to know first model of the size of our house we need to know first. if our room spacious enough we could fill it with furniture that is large, and if the house we live in small we have to be smart to choose furniture to match the room so that the house will remain wide.according to our experience, if a little house to be filled with minimalist furniture.

This is very important because it will save space. a spacious room will certainly create a sense of comfort and feel at home. in Indonesia especialy city of Jepara is very famous with the furniture its very good quality, while the furniture is made of wood wood best option, teak and mahogany dominates the furniture in Jepara, quality problems we should not hesitate because thousands of shops large and small, there are all jepara with quality and competitive prices.

craft shops are also available in Jepara, it is the name of the village mulyoharjo area.

in the village mulyoharjo is navel craft of sculpture knickknacks all existing accessories such as his case in the town of Bantul Jogjakarta.

for furniture outside should we choose wood of teak, because teak is very strong and durable. in choosing outdoor furniture should choose dark wood and good because it will be some rain and sunshine. for the treatment of furniture is easy, we just need to clean up every day like other goods.


Thus our experience that could be made in reference to buy indoor furniture and accessories

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