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Written by Jepara Indo Furmiture   
Sunday, 10 August 2008 06:30

Benefits And Uses teak (Tectona grandis)

Benefit From the Roots Up Leaves

Existence of teak trees as timber producing topnotch quality is not in doubt. Teak trees is very known for wood products are beautiful, durable, resistant to termites and weather. Tree with the scientific name Tectona grandis sp. This can grow up to hundreds of years with a large size and a height of about 40-45 meters.

Characteristic features

As the tree's number one producer of world class wood, teak has special characteristics. Tall and straight trees, has a circle of years, the wood color yellow brown to reddish brown, with elliptical leaves form 60-70x80-100cm size for young trees and will shrink while the older the tree ranges from 15x20cm, downy leaves and produce red blood if kneaded.

In addition, teak wood has a special characteristic that is very unique. It also makes high-quality teak wood used. Surface teak oil has similar substances that make the wood look beautiful without having lacquered. Sanded enough, a variety of furniture and goods made of teak wood will look beautiful. Moreover, if the roof is put in place.

Sturdy and "Fireproof"

Teak tree can be regarded as one of the trees most susceptible to weather changes. This is evidenced by shedding leaves in the dry season to reduce evaporation through the leaves so that the water supply is not quickly exhausted. Teak suitable to grow in an area slightly alkaline soil that has a pH of 6-8, contain enough lime, phosphorus, and not too waterlogged.

Teak wood is very strong and hard. Teak wood processing should be done with the patient. In fact, the British workers at the time asked for more pay if they have to make goods made from teak. Not infrequently, violence teak tooling capable of destroying the workers. Robustness is what makes teak is used to make ships of the VOC in the 17th century.

Besides being used as raw material for ships, teak is used to make heavy construction. For example, manufacture of railways and bridges. In a domestic environment, teak is used for blind various furniture and building construction. Teak been unusually resilient and resistant to weather changes and termite attack.

Teak tree may be regarded as the first wood fire-resistant or non-combustible. This happens because of who have a thick skin. Not only bark, fruit teak has a thick skin and protected shell hard enough. Teak seeds will not be damaged when burned because only a burnt shell. When the shell is damaged seeds, teak is easy to sprout when the rain arrived.

Teak Tree usability

In addition to strong, teak tree has many benefits from the roots to the leaves. Here are some benefits of teak trees.

Root is useful as a dye. Around the 17th century, residents of South Sulawesi using teak roots to dye woven. The resulting color is yellow and brownish yellow.

Teak trees are useful for making a variety of heavy construction and furniture. In addition, the results of teak bitter brew can be used as a painkiller.

Teak tree twig useful as fuel quality one that generates very high heat so it was used as fuel for steam locomotives.

Young leaves are brewed and pounded useful as a painkiller.

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